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CD The last giant


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CD The last giant

Ref: CD The last giant


  1. Intrada Eroica (Composer: Bert Appermont)
  2. Cantastoria (Arranger: Robert van Beringen)
  3. Colorado (Composer: Franco Cesarini)
  4. A Glorious Summer Day (Composer: Satoshi Yagisawa)
  5. Morning Star Variations (Composer: Bert Appermont)
  6. The Last Giant (Composer: Otto M. Schwarz)
  7. The Torch of Liberty (Composer: Jan de Haan)
  8. And Still, The Spirit (Composer: Philip Sparke)
  9. Pisa (Composer: Jacob de Haan)
  10. The Rise of the Blackjack (Composer: Gerald Oswald)
  11. Snow White: I. Once Upon a Time (Composer: Thomas Doss)
  12. Snow White: II. The Seven Dwarfs (Composer: Thomas Doss)
  13. Snow White: III. The Glass Coffin and IV. Snow White's Release and Wedding (Composer: Thomas Doss)
  14. The Entrance of the Knights (Composer: Kevin Houben)
  15. The Magic Book: I. Hans and the Animals (Composer: Thierry Deleruyelle)
  16. The Magic Book: II. In the Castle (Composer: Thierry Deleruyelle)
  17. The Magic Book: III. Royal Wedding (Composer: Thierry Deleruyelle)
  18. Belvedere (Composer: Jan de Haan)
  19. Manzara (Composer: Jacob de Haan)
  20. Devil's Tower (Composer: Thomas Doss)
  21. Around the World in 80 Days (Composer: Otto M. Schwarz)
  22. Slides Pleasure (Composer: Wim Laseroms)
  23. Smoke on the Water (Arranger: Filip Ceunen)
  24. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (Composer: Sting - Arranger: Richard Johnsen)
  25. Simply Red On Tour (Arranger: Wolfgang Wössner)
  26. Fantasy (Personality: Mariah Carey - Lyricist: Aldo Nova - Arranger: Richard Johnsen)
  27. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (Composer: Stevie Wonder - Arranger: Richard Johnsen)
  28. Pixar Movie Favorites (Arranger: Michael Brown)
  29. Soundtrack Highlights from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Composer: John Williams - Arranger: Jay Bocook)
  30. A Holly Jolly Christmas Medley (Arranger: Stefan Schwalgin)


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